Conference Speakers


Day 1 – Thursday 23 February 2017

Registration and breakfast refreshments available

from 08.30 in Ark Royal Exhibition Room (first floor)

09.30 – Welcome (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Di Flatt

09.30 to 09.40 – Opening Welcome (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Di Flatt, Chair Institute of Fundraising Yorkshire

Welcome to the Fundraising Future



09.40 to 10.40 – Opening Plenary 1 (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Stephen George, SOUTHE

Opening plenary – Finding the brilliant fundraising leader in you !.



10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 2 (Pateley)

Julie Roberts, More UK

Transform your Community Fundraising program to a mass-market online digital tribe.



10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 3 (Rochester)

Rachel Hunnybun, Donor Voice

How to be a fundraising change-maker!



10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 4 (Ballroom Balcony)

Rachel Gough, Inspired Marketing

Organising a successful event




LouiseF2015 (2)UellK2015

10.50 to 11.40 – IOF Academy 5 (Linton)

Louise Farnell, Capidale & Uell Kennedy, Diocese of Leeds

Institute of Fundraising Introductory Certificate to Fundraising (Part One).



11.40 to 12.00 Refreshments Break. Refreshments will be available in the Expo in Ark Royal.

12.0Dan Fletcher - Feb 16 NCVO0 to 12.50 – Workshop 6 (Pateley)

Daniel Fletcher, Kingston Smith and Anna Vaughan, Glow Fundraising

What can arts charities teach traditional fundraising and what can traditional charities teach arts fundraising?.



12.00 to 12.50 – Workshop 7 (Rochester)

Deanna Wolf, Carers Trust Scotland and Chair of the IoF Scottish Trusts, Statutory and Foundations Special Interest Group

Red pens, a thesaurus and you: copy editing your own work!



12.00 to 12.50 – Workshop 8 (Ballroom Balcony)

Sue Morgan, Think Consulting

Mystery shopping for fundraising – a DIY guide for smaller charities



LouiseF2015 (2)UellK2015

12.00 to 12.50 – IOF Academy 9 (Linton)

Louise Farnell, Capidale and Uell Kennedy, Diocese of Leeds

Institute of Fundraising Introductory Certificate to Fundraising (Part Two).




12.50 to 14.10 Lunch and Refreshments Break. Lunch will be available in the Expo in Ark Royal.


14.10 to 15.00 – Workshop 10 (Pateley)

Mike Bartlett, Money Tree Fundraising

Making Major Donor Fundraising Really Work for You.


14.10 to 15.00 – Workshop 11 (Rochester)

Karl Leathem, Kingston Smith

Presenting Impact to Ensure Success as Funding Becomes Tighter and Funders More Demanding.





Laura Croudace14.10 to 15.00 – Workshop 12 (Ballroom Balcony)

Rachel Hunnybun, Donor Voice and Laura Croudace, Resource Alliance

Investing in your future fundraising career…daily!



LouiseF2015 (2)UellK2015

14.10 to 15.00 – IOF Academy 13 (Linton)

Louise Farnell, Capidale and Uell Kennedy, Diocese of Leeds

Institute of Fundraising Introductory Certificate to Fundraising (Part Three).



15.00 to 15.20 Refreshments Break. Refreshments will be available in the Expo in Ark Royal.


Peter Lewis (to use)15.20 to 16.10 – Workshop 14 (Pateley)

Peter Lewis, Institute of Fundraising and Stephen Service, Fundraising Regulator

Keeping your fundraising on track for 2017.



15.20 to 16.10 – Workshop 15 (Rochester)

Deanna Wolf, Carers Trust Scotland

Is your charity ready for fundraising from trusts and foundations?.




15.20 to 16.10 – Workshop 16 (Ballroom Balcony)

Ian MacQuillin, Rogare

Relationship Fundraising: where do we go from here?




LouiseF2015 (2)UellK2015

15.20 to 16.10 – IOF Academy 17 (Linton)

Louise Farnell, Capidale and Uell Kennedy, Diocese of Leeds

Institute of Fundraising Introductory Certificate to Fundraising (Part Four).



16.10 to 16.15 FIVE MINUTES to get settled in your seats for day one closing plenary!


16.15 to 17.05 – Day One Closing Plenary 18 (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Matthew Sherrington, Inspiring Action

Let Your Supporters be Super-heroes (by getting your story straight)



17.05 to 19.00 Networking and FREE TIME.

19.00 to 20.00 Pre-Dinner drinks reception in Ark Royal. Where we will be joined at 19.00 by our amazing pre-dinner speaker, Pam Warhurst, who set up Incredible Edibles!

You can see Pam’s great Ted Talk here: Incredible Edibles!

20.00 til late the Queens, Kings, Crowns and Thrones Gala Dinner, in The Queen’s Ballroom – three courses, coffee and mints, and including wine on tables.

There will also be a cash bar for anyone who wishes to purchase additional drinks. Additional drinks must be either paid for or billed to you individually.


Day 2 – Friday 24 February 2017

Breakfast in The Queens Grill for all inclusive

two-day delegates

Registration and breakfast refreshments in Ark Royal

for Friday only delegates from 08.30

 09.40 to 10.30 – Day Two – Opening Plenary 19 (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Simon Dickson, Think Consulting Solutions

In an increasingly competitive marketplace how do we stand out and stay ahead of the competition?




10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 20 (Pateley)

Stephen George, SOUTHE

Pitch Perfect – How to master your offer and ask





10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 21 (Rochester)

Paul Jones, Big Lottery Fund and Louise Farnell, Capidale

Big Lottery Fund Surgery


10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 22 (Ballroom Balcony)

Matthew Sherrington, Inspiring Action

Goose or Rabbit? Leadership Tips from Animals!





10.50 to 11.40 – Workshop 23 (Linton)

Jason Williams, Certified Google Partner

The Power of Google Ad Grants



11.40 to 12.00 Refreshments break. Refreshments available in Ark Royal.


12.00 to 12.50 – Funders Panel Plenary 24 (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Kate Carroll, Make A Difference Locally

Carlos Chavez, Leeds Community Foundation

Sue Cook, Comic Relief

Come prepared to ask questions!


12.50 to 14.00 Lunch and refreshments break. Lunch available in Ark Royal.


14.00 to 14.50 – Workshop 25 (Pateley)

Dominic Will, Home Fundraising and Trustee of Institute of Fundraising

Cause for optimism – engaging through real conversations in 2017



14.00 to 14.50 – Workshop 26 (Rochester)

Sue Cook, Comic Relief

Comic Relief’s new grant-making strategy – what makes a good application?


 Duncan Batty

14.00 to 14.50 – Workshop 27 (Ballroom Balcony)

Richard McBriar, Capen and Duncan Batty, Sheffield Hospitals’ Charity

How raffle and lotteries can bring even more income in, and help to build a relationship between you and your donors


14.50 to 15.10 Refreshments break. Refreshments available in Ark Royal.


15.10 to 16.00 – Workshop 28 (Pateley)

Rhiannan Sullivan, Care2

Campaigning and Fundraising: a marriage made in heaven



15.10 to 16.00 – Workshop 29 (Rochester)

Simon Robinson, Capidale

Case for support: for senior fundraising practitioners



15.10 to 16.00 – Workshop 30 (Ballroom Balcony)

Damian Chapman, Police Dependents’ Trust

Niche to national: bringing the Police Dependents’ Trust to the fore



15.10 to 16.00 – Workshop 31 (Linton)

Jason Williams, Certified Google Partner

How to use a Google Ad Grant



16.00 to 16.05 FIVE MINUTES to get settled in your seats for conference closing plenary!

16.05 to 17.00 – Closing Plenary 32 (The Queen’s Ballroom)

Ian MacQuillin, Rogare

So fundraisers, what kind of fundraising profession do you want to be a member of?




17.00 to 17.05 – Close of Conference (The Queen’s Ballroom)

We will wrap up with a final thank you to sponsors and exhibitors, speakers and delegates.